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(TNS) NeverTrump “Republican” Justin Amash left the GOP earlier this year over his belief that President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

Now, a pro-Trump Democrat is leaving his party to join the GOP over his revulsion with the decision to impeach the president for nothing.

POLITICO is reporting today that a House Democrat, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, is planning to leave the Democratic Party to become a Republican.

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The site reported:

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a moderate Democrat who is strongly opposed to impeaching President Donald Trump, is expected to switch parties and become a Republican, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Van Drew is one of two Democrats who voted against opening the impeachment inquiry into Trump and has remained against the effort, even as the House prepares to vote to impeach the president next week. Van Drew’s decision comes after a meeting with Trump on Friday.

Granted, such decisions rarely occur in a vacuum. Further reporting shows that voters in Van Drew’s district aren’t keen on impeachment, either, or him as a Democrat.

They are only whispers, but we are hearing that it is becoming more and more likely President Trump will not only win reelection handily, but capture even more previously blue states in the process, the country is doing so well under him.

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This appears to be more evidence to support those whispers.

That said, no one should stay home on Election Day 2020.

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