(TNS) On Thursday, key Senate Republicans including Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said if the House returns articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, they want to hurriedly dispose of any trial by moving directly to acquittal.

We noted that we didn’t think that’s such a great idea, mostly because of the optics.

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Americans have endured nearly three months of a Democrat-led impeachment sham in the House featuring fake ‘witnesses,’ false testimony, and hearsay ‘evidence.’ Republicans have been extremely limited in their ability to counter Democrat tactics because the Garbage Party has the majority.

But a Senate trial would finally offer the GOP an opportunity to refute the lies and in a big way (even if the networks don’t cover it; indy media will step up and keep the people informed).

In the end, the president will still be acquitted but only after the Democrat lies are exposed — including the Ukraine connection involving the DNC and the 2016 Clinton campaign as well as Joe and Hunter Biden’s quid pro quo deals with Kiev.

And in an election year, that’s just the kind of PR President Trump could benefit from (and Republicans in general).

Even the White House agrees, according to Fox News correspondent Ed Henry.

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“They think inside the White House the case is falling apart. So, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler are trying to rush this through so they can pivot back to jobs or whatever issue they’re going to try to talk about,” Henry explained.

“When the president and some of his advisors are saying in private, “Wait a second. Let’s let them own this thing.” So if it gets to the senate why rush it through?” he added.

“The president and some of his advisors are saying no, let’s call some witnesses and drag this thing out. Make Democrats own it, number one. And, number two, get a full acquittal and not just a motion to dismiss which might be just a small potato. Go for the full acquittal,” Henry continued.

We think that’s the right move, as well. For a guy who’s never held elected office, President Trump’s political instincts are pretty good.

Besides, with Graham and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wanting to speed through the process, it makes us think they’re trying to hide something.


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