By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Remember how the Garbage Party and its leaders have told us for weeks now what a “serious, somber responsibility” they have impeaching President Donald Trump?

For nothing other than as revenge for his 2016 election victory and to punish the legions of Americans who voted for him?

Well, that’s all a lie and we, of course, knew that our readers never fell for that line anyway. But now we’ve got a bit of visual evidence disproving the ‘it’s so serious‘ narrative Democrats have been pushing.

While the House was marking up impeachment articles on Thursday, one Dem lawmaker — Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana – was actually watching a golf tournament on his laptop.

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What a jerk.

It’s bad enough we have a party in power that is destroying our country one institution at a time. Now Democrats are playing the role of Nero, fiddling while they burn Rome down.

Our country has only impeached a president a few times. Each of those times the president committed legitimate crimes.

President Trump has not; but Democrats are going to impeach him anyway because they don’t like him.

While one of them watches a sporting event on his laptop. Let that sink in.

Come on, Louisiana. We know you can do better than this.

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