(TNS) We’ve noted for months that Fox News correspondent and host Chris Wallace has become increasingly — and inappropriately — hostile to President Donald Trump and Republicans in general.

But after what he said during a speech on the First Amendment at a venue in Washington, D.C., this week, we believe it’s time for Wallace to go the way of Shep Smith and go find a news organization that more suits his conspiratorial demeanor and anti-Trump derangement.

We suggest MSNBC or CNN. Either/or.

Speaking at the Newseum, which is a museum featuring period media and documents (think old newspapers and such), Wallace actually said Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the media in the history of our country.


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Washington Examiner:

“I believe President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history,” Wallace said in a speech Wednesday honoring the First Amendment.

“Ours is a great profession — maybe the best way to make a living anyone ever came up with. Think of it. We are paid to tell the truth — to cut through all the spin, all the distractions — and tell the American people what is really going on,” he added.

This isn’t just monumentally stupid, it’s monumentally wrong.

During the Civil War, President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and tossed journalists in jail who were ‘against’ him. Granted, it was civil war, but that’s a lot worse than anything President Trump has done.

Fast forward to World War I. Woodrow Wilson put journalists in internment camps and convinced Congress to pass the Espionage Act so he could jail people who opposed him.

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But hey, let’s just go back to the previous administration. Barack Obama spied on reporters and attempted to charge them under the Espionage Act (though he refused to charge his secretary of state for her criminal mishandling of classified information).

The Obama regime even attempted to name one of Wallace’s colleagues at the time, James Rosen, as a co-conspirator so he could jail him.

What has President Trump done that is even remotely close to abusing journalists and the First Amendment? The answer, of course, is nothing.

He’s criticized the press and he has every right to do so. He’s called them enemies of the people and they most certainly are when the act as agents of the deep state enabling their coup attempt. The ‘mainstream media’ has lied about and slandered this president in unprecedented ways.

But Chris Wallace sees Trump as the biggest threat to the First Amendment?

Whatever credibility Wallace still had — and it wasn’t much — just vanished.

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