Hypocrite: Virginia governor warning localities of ‘consequences’ if they refuse to enforce new gun laws

We knew this day would come

(TNS) When Democrats refuse to enforce immigration laws through the formation of “sanctuary cities,” they claim they are ‘morally correct’ and are ‘doing the right thing.’

When Democrats refuse to follow laws against recreational use of marijuana, they claim they are in the right because they are ‘listening to the will of the people.’

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But when conservatives and Second Amendment supporters say they will refuse to observe a bevy of new gun control laws, Virginia’s Democratic governor, Ralph “Coonman” “Infanticide” Northam warns them of “consequences.”

Northam threatened local law enforcement officials with some sort of action if they establish “Second Amendment sanctuaries” and refuse to help the state enforce new gun control laws that may include a “mandatory buy back” of “assault weapons” (also known as confiscation), and other “infringements” on a right that shall not be infringed.

“If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it,” he said Wednesday.

What a massive, giant hypocrite, this Northam. But apparently too many Virginians have no problem with it…or his overt racism…or his desire to kill infants shortly after birth.

We knew this day would come. Democrats cannot claim the ‘right’ to pick and choose which laws they want to enforce and then realistically expect the political opposition to not do the same thing.

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Will Raaaaalph be the shot that stirs civil disobedience among patriot Americans?

Virginia Governor Sends Direct Threat To Law Enforcement Who Refuse To Enforce Gun Control Laws "There Will Be Consequences" - Politico Daily News

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lawn mower

its all bs to the people of virgina keep up your good works your exactly right the dems pick and choice what laws they will follow so can we the people stick it to them

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