Barr: Comey’s actions hampered IG Horowitz’s FISA abuse probe

Comey continues to play his part in stalling the Spygate scandal he helped initiate

(TNS) After DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s abuse of the FISA court dropped on Monday, St. James Comey took to Twitter to claim ‘vindication.’

Then again, last year, Comey claimed it was “nonsense” to think his bureau abused the FISA court.

Horowitz’s investigation showed clear abuse of the FISA court by FBI agents, including those who were working for Comey at the time. And he torched Comey’s excuse during his Wednesday testimony when he said unequivocally that no one involved in obtaining FISA court warrants to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign was vindicated (that includes the fired FBI director).

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But then, Horowitz told the Judiciary Committee that he was unable to get to the truth in several instances, and Comey — as well as others — hampered his efforts.

So he couldn’t sufficiently determine whether there was ‘political bias.’

In an interview with NBC News, Attorney General William Barr explained how it was that Horowitz was not able to get to certain information. For one, as an IG, he was simply limited in his ability to compel witness testimony, as he does not have subpoena power, cannot empanel a grand jury, and cannot indict.

But also, Barr explained, Comey and others did not renew their security clearances, so they couldn’t be questioned about certain things they did due to the classified nature of the information.

Washington Examiner:

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But in Barr’s view, Comey’s decision, which limited what he could be asked, meant a full account of the FBI’s actions still had not been discovered.

Barr explained his divergence with the DOJ watchdog by pointing out Horowitz, as inspector general, “starts with limited information” and “can only talk to people who are essentially there as employees” and “he’s limited to the information generally in the FBI.”

Barr said Horowitz’s approach was “a very deferential standard” of accepting people at their word “as long as there’s not contradictory testimonial or documentary evidence,” and so, therefore, in his view, Horowitz hadn’t fully decided the issue of whether there were any improper motivations.

You know who can issue subpoenas, empanel a grand jury, and indict people?

U.S. Attorney John Durham. And his criminal probe into the origins of the Spygate investigation continues.

He can question Mr. Comey, and do so under penalty of perjury.

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