(TNS) Do you remember when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts criticized President Donald Trump’s characterization of a federal jurist who defied established law and struck down one of his early immigration executive orders as “an Obama judge?”

Hey…hey! Roberts lectured. ‘We’re not political here on the high court! We’re chosen for our constitutional acumen and expertise and politics has nothing to do with selection!’ We don’t have “Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.”

Yeah, right. We laughed too, the same as everyone else who knows and understands how federal judges and Supreme Court judges are selected.

In any event, thank God President Trump not only won in 2016 but has held true to his promise to appoint constitutional originalists to the federal bench and the nation’s highest court.

Because that truly is the only academic, legal, and ‘political’ consideration that should go into any nominee to the Judicial Branch by the president and considered by the Senate.

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Enter Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul who founded the anti-gun organization Everytown For Gun Safety.

He wants to do just the opposite of what President Trump is doing: He wants to nominate Supreme Court justices who will patently disregard certain constitutional guarantees like the Second Amendment, which protects Americans’ “right to keep and bear arms” without infringement.

In an opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg rehashed his stance on the Supreme Court case known as New York Rifle and Pistol Association v. New York City. 


At the time, NYC prohibited gun owners from transporting firearms outside of city limits, even if the resident was taking them to a gun range. Once the New York Rifle and Pistol Association, along with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF )challenged the city’s ordinance in a court of law, NYC decided to rescind the law.

The city tried to get the lawsuit thrown out, saying the point is now moot because the ordinance no longer exists. Gun rights advocates, however, are worried the city will reimplement the law if the Supreme Court decides to throw out the case. 

Bloomberg predictably blames pro-gun groups like the NRA (which was founded in large part to protect and defend the Second Amendment from would-be tyrants like Bloomberg and every other Democrat).

His solution is to “appoint judges who understand that the Second Amendment allows for common sense limits on gun ownership.”

He writes:

The last major gun safety ruling by the Supreme Court, in 2008, affirmed that reasonable restrictions on gun possession are constitutional. But the NRA has not given up on its absolutist vision of the Second Amendment, which is inconsistent with American history, oblivious to public safety and out of step with the American people. The NRA opposes much-needed fixes to the gun-sale background check system — which are supported by 90% of Americans — as well as restrictions on gun possession for domestic abusers and stalkers.

As president, I will appoint judges who understand that the Second Amendment allows for common sense limits on gun ownership. I’ve spent 15 years working to build a national coalition that is capable of taking on the NRA and winning — and I’m glad to say that we now have the NRA on the ropes. That may be one reason why the NRA is hoping the court will save it.

Mind you, Bloomberg hates “assault weapons” — those misnamed semi-automatic rifles that fit neatly into the legal description of a “firearm.”

The Second Amendment explicitly protects our right to “keep and bear” firearms. So what’s ‘common sense’ to Bloomberg and his anti-Second Amendment justices?

That would have to be confiscation…right?

How else would he get rid of them?

You know, Mike, maybe America wouldn’t need an NRA if we didn’t have Left-wing politicians who constantly seek to neuter the Second Amendment.

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