(TNS) The Garbage Party has changed their impeachment narrative so many times now it’s impossible to keep up.

It’s like the ‘charge de jour‘ - charge of the day - when it comes to figuring out exactly what President Donald Trump actually did to earn impeachment.

Which in and of itself tells us that the Democrats don’t really have a damned thing.

Initially, they claimed Trump sought some sort of illegal “quid pro quo” in his dealings with Ukraine. But that phrase didn’t poll too well, so Democrats changed it to “bribery” — Trump tried to bribe the Ukrainians with military aid in exchange for getting Kiev to investigate the Bidens and 2016 collusion with Hillary Clinton.

Why bribery? Because that word is actually mentioned in the Constitution under impeachable offenses.

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But now, even that word has been dropped, as Democrats plan to file articles of impeachment alleging the president ‘abused power’ and ‘obstructed Congress’ by not subjecting himself or his staff to Stalin-like proceedings rigged by the likes of Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler.

Sham, indeed. And yes, we were sworn to by the smartest constitutional legal scholars on the planet that the president was a ‘briber-in-chief’ or something like that.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) isn’t listening to the polling data or even reading the tea leaves. The deeper she gets into this impeachment sham, the better President Trump’s polling numbers look.

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So, by all means, Nancy, impeach away. You guys will come up with something.

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