(TNS) Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon sounded confident on Sunday that failed 2016 Garbage Party nominee Hillary “Coughing Fit” Clinton will definitely jump into the 2020 race to “save” the Democrats.

“Hillary Clinton,” Bannon said in an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

“You saw the Howard Stern thing. Hillary Clinton is waiting for her shot to come in and say ‘I’m gonna save the Democratic Party,’ that ‘Michael Bloomberg is a liberal or moderate Republican. He’s not a Democrat.’ She’s gonna come in,” he added.

The two-time presidential loser appeared on Stern’s program to continue her whine-fest since losing to President Donald Trump in an electoral college washout.

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“Obviously, I was crushed. I was disappointed, and I was really surprised because I couldn’t figure out what had happened,” Clinton recalled.

Hillary also used the interview to hint that Bernie Sanders was a Russian asset (because everyone is who is against her), an accusation she previously leveled against Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard who she said the Russians are currently grooming to run as a third-party candidate.

And since Clinton has used recent interviews to attack current 2020 Democratic presidential wannabes, heck, maybe Bannon’s right.

“This whole thing is gonna come down to Super Tuesday,” Bannon told Bartiromo on Sunday.

“I don’t think anybody can win it right now in the primary process. Bloomberg is gonna drop money — nuclear weapon on Super Tuesday — for all the big states,” he continued.

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“I think Hillary Clinton is waiting in the wings to come in and say, ‘I’m gonna save the Democratic Party from Michael Bloomberg.’

“The Howard Stern interview tells me more than anything that she’s coming in,” Bannon repeated.

Bannon previously stated in early October that he predicted Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg would enter the 2020 race. Well, Bloomberg’s in; will Hillary be next?

Could Trump be that lucky again?

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