(TNS) Over the weekend, the Garbage Party’s “mainstream” media propagandists continued their war on truth as they attempted to portray Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as a “stooge of Vladimir Putin” for pointing out — again — that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

We begin with that hack of hacks, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, who proclaimed earlier this year that the ‘climate change debate’ over by stating he would no longer feature guests on his program who ‘deny’ the Left’s climate change narrative, perhaps the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on humankind.

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Todd pretended to act incredulous when Cruz cited well-documented evidence of Ukraine’s 2016 election interference, as though ignoring a truth would simply make it go away.

We could almost see Todd covering his ears at one point and saying, “Nyah! Nyah! senator, I can’t hear you!” because the tantrum was real.

Touching, wasn’t it, that Todd brought up all those things during the 2016 campaign between Cruz and President Trump.

But it’s a smokescreen. It doesn’t change the fact that the Ukrainian government, under then-President Petro Poroshenko, worked to undermine Trump in favor of Hillary Clinton.

POLITICO documented it. John Solomon at The Hill has documented it. Presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani has documentation of the interference. And even Marie Yovanovich, Obama’s U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, admitted that the regime ‘trained’ her to answer questions about Joe and Hunter Biden over the latter’s employment with a corrupt gas company under investigation.

Until Joe Biden threatened Poroshenko with U.S. foreign aid unless he fired that prosecutor investigating the corruption…which Biden admitted (bragged about).

[videopress cXuA1Sph]

Todd wasn’t the only propagandist working on discrediting Ted Cruz this weekend. So was the Washington Post’s token RINO, Jennifer Rubin, who said she believes the god king Obama — overseer of Spygate who didn’t do anything to protect Ukraine from Russia after Putin stole the Crimea – proclaimed the Texas Republican a “stooge” of the Kremlin for his Ukraine proclamation.

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Obama, the president who paid $150 billion to the Iranian regime in the middle of the night so they use it to fund aggression and terrorism throughout the Middle East. Obama, who told Russian President Dimitri Medvedev to tell his buddy Putin he’d have “more flexibility” to get rid of our missile shield in Europe after his 2012 election.

Yes, that Russian stooge, Obama.

The American media establishment is a sick joke. They have shed any semblance of objectivity and have gone all-in for the most authoritarian, criminal organization since the Mafia: The Democrat Party.

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