(TNS) On his nationally syndicated talk radio program Monday, Rush Limbaugh took congressional Republicans to task, somewhat, in critiquing the manner in which they are attempting to “defend” President Trump against a Democrat-led impeachment effort.

Specifically, Limbaugh took issue with Republicans and conservatives claiming the process “isn’t fair” — because of course, it isn’t — and their claims that, while Trump might have handled himself wrongly in dealing with Ukraine, ‘he did nothing illegal’ and ‘it’s not impeachable.’

That’s accepting the Democrats’ premise that there is something ‘there’ and of course, we all know that there isn’t a shred of evidence of indications that the manner in which Trump handled himself in his dealings with the Ukrainian government were wrong, let alone illegal.

Limbaugh noted:

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Now, I know they’re trying to expose Nadler as not knowing what he’s doing and how to run a committee, and they’re doing a good job of that, but to run around and say that this is an inherently unfair process — maybe I’m wrong. You tell me.

My sense is that running around claiming that this is all unfair isn’t very persuasive. It’s kind of like two kids arguing about being bullied to their parents and so forth. Is this really how we’re gonna try to persuade people who might be impacted by this?

I think there’s a lack of confidence on our side in dealing with this. Now, this is easy for me to say. I’m not in that arena. I’m not in that hearing room, and I’m certainly not on Fox TV having to comport with whatever I think I have to comport with. I’m just here by my lonesome watching this stuff like you are.

And it bothers me that we’re gonna attack this as unfair.

Of course it’s unfair, but life is unfair. Simply running around talking about unfairness, is this gonna convince people who are on the fence that what’s being done to President Trump is mean and unfair and therefore they’re going to disagree with — the whole thing is bogus. This thing needs to be exposed for what it is. …

So to me this whole thing is not about fairness. It’s about how bogus this is. There isn’t any evidence. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s not a shred of evidence, and there has yet to be a witness who was asked, “Can you name for me the impeachable offense in the phone call?” who has answered. No hands have gone up. Nobody from the ambassadorial call, the ambassadorial corps, crew.

I mean, in fact, most of the witnesses were not even on the phone call, for crying out loud. We don’t have any direct witnesses. We’ve got second, thirdhand witnesses — and not a one of them has been able to identify an impeachable offense at any point when they have been asked point-blank.

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There isn’t any evidence. The most you could say… I don’t even want to concede this, but our guys are. Our guys are conceding, “Well, the president may have overstepped here a little bit, but it’s not an impeachable offense.” That’s a defense, that he did it but it’s not something that rises to the level of impeachment?

He’s exactly right, in our view: Stop accepting premises laid down by Democrats.

We know what their objective is — to drive President Trump from office. We know that they’ve sought to do that since November 9, 2016, the morning after his election victory.

Russian collusion. Spygate. The Steele Dossier. Now Ukraine. It’s all BS.

And that’s the way to defend the president, not claim the process is rigged or unfair. That accepts a premise that isn’t true to begin with.

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