Of course! Left-wing journo DEFENDS Schiff’s blatant abuse of power in spying on Nunes and a reporter

(TNS) There are many reasons why Americans simply do not believe what they are told by the “mainstream media,” yet they all come down to a simple reason: Lack of trust.

Working in D.C. requires a couple of things — grit, determination, and the ability to completely suspend belief on a dime depending on which party’s ox is being gored, which feeds the ‘lack of trust’ issue.

Without question, the vast majority of journalists are Left-wing Democrat propagandists. It’s just a fact, and they can protest it all they please but their own actions belie their denials.

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Case in point: Andrew Feinberg, a hack from The Hill who just tried to excuse the blatant abuse of power by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff because, you know, he’s a Democrat and it was done to hurt President Trump.

Schiff outed himself in his “impeachment report” to the full House when he admitted ‘obtaining’ the phone records for his co-chair, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), as well as a working journalist, John Solomon, formerly of The Hill.

No problem, says Feinberg (whose phone records, we assume, weren’t ‘obtained’ by Schiff).

Uh, just who is doing the gaslighting?

Susan Ferrechio of the Washington Examiner pushed back, as she should have.

Not only that, Nunes said on Saturday that the records Schiff put in his report don’t match his actual call records, meaning Schiff wrote some more fiction and is trying to pass it off as ‘part of the Trump-Ukraine conspiracy.’


Flat out, there is no reason to ‘investigate’ the co-chair of a House committee, let alone pull the phone records of a working journalist.

Defending and excusing that kind of behavior when a Democrat does it only proves what more than half the country believes about the “mainstream media” anyway: Most are partisan hacks who shill for the Garbage Party.

We here at TNS want to be clear: This abuse of power would not be acceptable if a Republican did it, either.

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We remember when the late RINO John McCain turned over a hoax “Russia dossier” to the FBI in the hopes of ensnaring a GOP presidential nominee he didn’t like - Donald Trump. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

As for Schiff, his behavior fits the mold of anti-constitutionalism often displayed by his party.

Barack Obama sicced his Justice Department on working journalists, pulling their phone records as well when they would publish unflattering information about his administration (rare, but it happened).

So spying on the press as well as political opponents (Trump in “Spygate,” Nunes during this impeachment sham) is par for the Democrat course.

We keep waiting for someone to be held responsible. Maybe it’s time for the Trump Justice Department to test the constitutional theory that a sitting member of Congress can violate U.S. laws at will and call it ‘official business.’

Make Schiff the test case.

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Most fake journalists are married to demon-seed democrat political whackos. These are political marriages. You can tell when a lesbo reporter marries a straight guy. There’s a very long list on these political marriages. I look at all of these fake hack journalists at subversives and enemies. When the time comes, Patriots will mobilize, and arrest these traitors, and hold them until the Marines can take possession of these demon-seeds, and ferry them on barges to GITMO. It will happen, and soon. Barr just passed out some indictments and this will blow the money laundering machine into a million pieces.… Read more »


The little Schiffhead is probably wetting his Mossad sponsored underpants!

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