(TNS) Each and every ‘witness’ the Garbage Party has hauled before various House committees to rat out President Donald Trump for something has subsequently been forced to admit that the man never broke a single U.S. law in his conduct with Ukraine.

Even U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland admitted under oath that the president specifically said he wanted “nothing” from Ukraine, “no quid pro quo.”

“On September 9, 2019 … I asked the president: ‘What do you want from Ukraine?’ The president responded, ‘Nothing. There is no quid pro quo.’ The president repeated, ‘No quid pro quo’ multiple times. This was a very short call. And I recall the president was in a bad mood,” he testified.

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So why are Democrats moving forward with impeachment anyway?

Oh, because they say the president intended to violate the law, and you know, that’s good enough to satisfy the constitutional impeachment requirement of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Remember when President Trump first began calling this impeachment business a “witch hunt?”

The Conservative Treehouse expounded upon Democrats’ ‘you intended to so you did it anyway’ legal theory somewhat:

Defining statutory violations by the intent of the violator is specifically attributable to how President Obama, AG Eric Holder and AG Loretta Lynch changed the entire enterprise of lawful application to make outcomes arbitrary, variable, changeable to the situation.

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The IRS targeting wasn’t unlawful because it wasn’t intentional.  The death of four Americans due to sketchy CIA and State Dept. operations in Benghazi was not unlawful because the risky situation wasn’t created intentionally.  Hillary Clinton’s private email server with classified information wasn’t “intentional”, etcetera – etcetera, the list is long.

The nice thing about switching to definitions of lawbreaking by “intent” is the ease in arbitrary application.  Republican targets ‘intended’ to violate laws… Democrat targets, well, not-so-much.  Fluidity is a necessary oil amid a two-tiered administrative state.

And we keep hearing from the Garbage Party how Trump is the tyrant authoritarian monarch wannabe?

If Democrats were in charge, the United States would resemble the second coming of the Soviet Union, were people were ‘guilty’ of offenses against the Communist realm if the realm said they were guilty.

All the more reason to vote early and often in 2020 for Trump and Republicans.

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