By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) No one is a bigger fan of America and defender of our people — even those who can’t stand him — than President Donald Trump.

The guy ran on a platform of “Make America Great Again,” for crying out loud. He put “MAGA” into our lexicon and made it synonymous with “America first.”

You know who opposes that concept? The Left. Democrats. Most mainstream media. They say they don’t but they really do. And they prove time and again.

How? By opposing Trump and every. single. thing. he does or tries to do for our country.

They lambast him when he tries to get better trade deals. They rap him when he seeks to ensure our border is safe and that all laws against illegal immigration are enforced.

They hate his corporate success. And they revel and rejoice whenever Trump is disrespected on an international stage.

It’s disgusting and it’s pathetic, but that’s the Left. It’s what they do. They hate America as much as Trump loves it.

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Speaking of being disrespected on an international stage, the president – our president — was mistreated by the British monarchy and several leaders of NATO countries when he attended a meeting of the alliance on its 70th anniversary this week.

While derelicts like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler worked to undermine the president politically with their impeachment circus, Trump was over in Europe trying to secure a better deal for Americans and America by doing what he always does: Sticking up for us among people and countries that have abused our trust, taken our money, and laughed their assets off at our ignorance for repeatedly allowing them to do so decade after decade.

You know, our NATO “allies.”

What a word, ‘ally,’ to describe these freeloaders. That’s what the Washington Post claimed in an ‘editorial’ on Friday; NATO countries are our “allies,” and what’s more, they “despise President Trump.”

Oh, really? They despise him? Whether that’s true or not — and we’re not going to dignify the Post with our trust because they employ hacks, liars, and seditious individuals as journalists — who cares?

Seriously. If our NATO “allies” are upset at our president, Who Cares?

More importantly, why should Americans care?

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NATO should have gone away the moment the Soviet Union collapsed. That’s why it was formed; as a counter-balance to Soviet expansionism and aggression following World War II and the Soviet-led alliance of Eastern European countries, the Warsaw Pact.

That all went away when the USSR went away. Yet globalists like the Bush clan, the Clintons, and the deep state colluded with globalists and one-world-order types in Europe to keep the alliance alive and ‘relevant’ in a world where it is no longer necessary.

Worse, were it not for the American taxpayer, NATO likely would have gone under already because most European nations not named Great Britain don’t seem to care much whether it lives or dies, based on their contributions or, rather, their lack of them.

Only Trump has had the guts to not only implore NATO ‘allies’ to do more for their own defense, but also to do more to provide some relief for American taxpayers who have been subsidizing our “allies” in NATO for years.

Why keep NATO alive? To fight against…whom? Russia — with an economy the size of Texas? Really?

Okay, let’s play along. We’ll keep it alive to fight against Russia. But then, isn’t Trump a Russian stooge? And if Russia is so dangerous, why is Germany and other European nations willing to partner with Moscow on an energy pipeline project? Even some European experts see the folly in that.

You know, if Russia is the enemy and all.

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And trade? Trump the billionaire businessman knows the Europeans are sticking it to us there as well.

So, just how relevant is NATO? And just how much should Americans care whether those leaders like our president or not?

If the Post story is correct, who gives a damn what ungrateful, scheming European “allies” think?

Trump is not president of the EU, he’s president of the United States and as such he’s trying to look out for us first.

It’d be nice of institutions like the U.S. media and the Democrat Party supported “America first” too.

But no. They’re so consumed by Trump hate they actually think we should care what a bunch of freeloading “allies” think of our president instead.

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