(TNS) The latest ‘controversy’ to emanate from the Garbage Party and its media sycophants involving President Donald Trump is that he’s going outside the normal lines of communication because, of course, he’s “hiding” his “illegal activity” with (who else?) Russia.

Not only is this BS being pushed by the disgustingly dishonest media, but Democrats themselves are also pushing the narrative.

We bring you Rep. Ted Lieu and Washington Post tin foil hat award winner Josh Dawsey.

First of all, any information that comes from the WaPo (or CNN or the NYTimes) is suspect. But let’s play along for a moment and assume that the president is using unorthodox communication methods to converse with foreign leaders.

Why would he do that? To ‘hide his activity’ from aides because he’s ‘fearful’ they might hear something he’s doing that’s illegal?

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Or maybe because the careerists at the White House leak everything the man says and in a way that makes it seem like the president’s doing something wrong?

Recall that this “Ukraine” business, the latest chapter in the Garbage Party’s ongoing effort to overturn the 2016 election results, began in this very manner: Someone cherry-picked a portion of the president’s phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky, leaked it to friendly media after consulting with Adam “Phone Records” Schiff and his partisans, and viola, instant ‘scandal.’

An ‘impeachable offense,’ this Ukraine business.

Only, Democrats didn’t much care when Hillary Clinton, as Obama’s secretary of state, brazenly defied federal record-keeping regulations by installing her own private, unsecured server over which she conducted top secret-level business.

They didn’t mind when she destroyed some 30,000 emails that James Comey allowed her to hand-pick before she turned over the rest of them to the State Department.

Democrats didn’t care when she and staffers physically destroyed their computers and personal devices. And they didn’t care that Clinton, as secretary of state, used “several phones” for conducting business.

They didn’t care when the it was deemed that Clinton’s private email server had very likely been breached by foreign powers (and neither did Comey’s FBI).

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Democrats also didn’t mind when Obama went after leakers like Stalin, spying on reporters and threatening to charge them under the Espionage Act.

The fact is, a president simply cannot conduct foreign and national security affairs if everything he says and does is compromised for political gain by a party that would rather put our country at risk just to “get Trump.”

So it makes perfect sense that the president would have to find another way to conduct Executive Branch business so it’s not compromised. After all, the foreign leaders he speaks with want their communications protected, too, so they can be candid.

It’s disgusting to see allegedly responsible adults like a sitting congressman and a reporter for a major newspaper don tinfoil hats to concoct some goofball conspiracy about a president who has had his communications compromised since day one.

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