(TNS) In the age of President Donald Trump, there are almost no rational people left in the Garbage Party. Almost.

One of few remaining Democrats who is attempting to bring some sanity back to his own party is Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

He’s never been a fan of impeaching Trump, though he disagrees with him on just about everything, policy-wise. But he also knows that doing so based on no evidence is not a good precedent to set.

Not only that, but he’s acutely aware of how impeachment is driving a massive wedge between Americans, widening a gap that was already wide and yawning.

On Friday, Drew told CNN that his party should “be careful what [they] wish for” because of the deleterious effect impeachment is having on the body politic.

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“Rep. Jeff Van Drew, one of two Democrats to vote against formalizing the impeachment inquiry, told me he plans to vote against all the articles of impeachment “unless there’s something that I haven’t seen, haven’t heard before,” CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted.

“Van Drew warned Democrats to ‘be careful what you wish for’ and he added that impeachment ‘is tearing the nation apart. … And I want to bring people together.’ Van Drew said he would have preferred a censure vote so they could ‘move on,'” Raju added.

Yes, well, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s pronouncement Thursday that President Trump left her and her party “no choice” but to move towards impeachment, to, like, save the Constitution and stuff, fat chance that all she will settle on now is a censure.

Because that’s all her party has to campaign on this election cycle: Trump hate. Trump impeachment. Trump out. Trump bad. Trump sucks. Trump is a Russian stooge. Trump is a dictator. Etc.

They can’t run on improving the economy because President Trump’s already done that.

They can’t run on boosting employment because the president’s already done that, and for all demographics (now working at historic levels).

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They can’t run on improving trade because Trump’s done that (in fact, Democrats are standing in the way of improving our lives even more, economically, while strengthening our country because Pelosi refuses to bring the USMCA to the floor for a vote — where it would pass resoundingly).

All the Garbage Party has for next year is hate and impeachment.

Good luck with those.

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