Carlson laughs: Nancy Pelosi’s ‘doomed’ impeachment will hurt her party, help Trump (Video)

(TNS) With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement this week that she’s got “no choice” but to “defend the Constitution” and “move forward” with impeaching an innocent president, she and her party are likely headed for a political shellacking come next November.

That’s okay, mind you; the fewer Democrats in power, the better.

But as Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted on his Thursday program, the Garbage Party will have a lot of questions to answer moving forward — answers that are only more apt to cause rebellion among voters who don’t understand this “Ukraine” business but do know that their healthcare costs are still too high (after Obama and Democrats promised to ‘fix’ that).

“If Pelosi wants to prevent … her deranged and faithful base” from “staging an open rebellion,” Carlson said, “she has no choice but to continue with impeachment.

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“And yet, there is a problem with that,” he continued. “Even voters who don’t like Donald Trump and didn’t vote for him last time don’t think he ought to be removed by Congress.

“For starters, they don’t understand what the crime is,” Carlson noted further. “Something about Ukraine and Hunter Biden. Sounds kinda shady, but is it worse than the opioid epidemic?

“More dispiriting than then endless war in Afghanistan? More pressing than healthcare costs which are rising faster than wages? Fill in the blank the issues that Congress could be handling if it weren’t for impeachment,” he said.

“No, impeachment really doesn’t rate on that list. And by the way, isn’t there an election 11 months away? Why can’t we wait until then if we want to switch presidents?” asked Carlson. “Isn’t that how democracy works?”

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“Those are some of the questions that Pelosi and her party will have to answer at some point, probably not too far from now,” he said. “Impeachment will almost certainly turn out to be a political disaster for them, and Donald Trump will benefit.”

Tucker notes that Pelosi appears to understand all of this, but hey, she’s in a nice, safe, well-crapped on district in San Francisco, so her seat is safe for as long as she wants it.

Democrats in 31 districts Trump won in 2016? Eh. Not so much.


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The faghag from Satan’s Fagtopia is a lobotomy success story.

When dems lose in 2020, I just pray President Trump gives Patriots the order to drain the swamp. I want America the way it was when I grew up. We didn’t have a communist pervert problem. People just kicked the crap out of ’em back then. Same thing for the perverts and pedos!

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