(TNS) President Donald Trump chose many of his people well, but one of his best choices to serve in his administration was, without question, high counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Daily this woman proves to be one of his most effective defenders and more than that, she is every bit the advocate for ordinary Americans that her boss is.

When she isn’t being picked at by her own disloyal husband, she fearlessly takes on the Garbage Party and its sycophantic press in a way that few could or would.

What’s more, her defense of the president and the American people is clearly genuine — not forced, not contrived, but real.

You can feel it in her emotions and see it in her body language.

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Conway appeared genuinely outraged by comments made Prof. Pamela Karlan, an Ivy League-educated law professor who was brought forth on Wednesday by Democrats to give her ‘expert constitutional opinion’ about why she believes President Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

As Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted on his program Wednesday evening, she — along with the other three law professors who testified — is nothing more than a Left-wing hack who uses her credentials to hide behind her blatant anti-Americanism and Marxist partisanship.

But her attempt to use 13-year-old Barron Trump, the president’s youngest son, as a punchline, was more than Conway could take.

So she blasted Karlan in an interview Thursday morning and laid bare the reason why Trump not only won but why he is a much better human being that this Ivy League Democrat activist.

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“If you went to work today to manicure nails, to manicure lawns, if you went to work with a jackhammer or a welding machine or mechanics tools or a carpentry belt and not three degrees from Yale, that woman yesterday looks her nose down at you, she thinks that you are less than her and I’ve had it,” Conway said.

“Do you know why that man ran for president in the first place…why I’m still at the White House, for you,” she continued.

“For people who are looking down upon by people with three Yale law degrees, had the audacity, audacity to say that liberals like to cluster together and live together while conservatives can’t stand to be together and that’s why they’re scattered. Who the hell are you lady, to look down at half of the country?” Conway asked.


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We love this woman and thank God every day she is on the president’s team.

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