CNBC anchor blasts NYTimes reporter over refusal to condemn Bloomberg News’ 2020 Democrat bias

(TNS) Once upon a time, the Left-wing Garbage Party media at least tried to pretend they were non-partisan and fair, but all of that has changed in the era of President Donald Trump.

So biased has the “mainstream media” become that one outlet — Bloomberg News — will refuse to cover 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg.

That decision, an announcement by Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait in a memo last week, might even be understandable given that no one on the outlet’s editorial staff would want to criticize the boss out of fear over losing their job.

Got it. But then commit to not covering any of the 2020 race, including President Trump.

But Bloomberg won’t do that. Nope. The outlet just refuses to cover their boss and all Democrats.

Pretty brazen. However, while most other outlets complained that the bias was just too much, The New York Times — the fake news king of the Trump era — refused to condemn the Bloomberg decision.

Nothing at all wrong with being hyper-biased against Trump while completely whiffing on the boss.

“Bloomberg News is one of the largest and most influential news organizations in the world. We condemn any action that keeps quality news media from reporting fairly and accurately on the presidency and the leadership of the country,” said Executive Editor Dean Baquet in a statement.

Oh, brother. Maybe Baquet should take some of his own advice; his paper has published more BS and false information about the president and his administration than just about any other outlet.

In any event, some media figures aren’t letting Bloomberg off the hook or the Times get away with backing bias against President Trump.

New York Times reporter David McCabe doubled down on the defense during a CNBC interview Tuesday morning and even tried to deflect the criticism to Trump and his long-held distrust of the media — as if that’s really the story here.

“I think more broadly, it’s really a part of a trend where the president and the administration have been willing to push back on news organizations and push back frankly on channels of information and brand them as biased,” McCabe said.

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“We’ve seen this with the social media platforms, as well. So I think the bigger picture here is less about one news organization than about how the president and his administration and his campaign brand either the world of media…”

Trump doesn’t trust the media because many of those jackals have been in on the deep state effort to depose him from the outset. But we digress.

CNBC anchor Joe Kernen was incredulous.

“So, you can’t even comment on this act?” Kernen said. “You’re just back to just Trump hates all the press? You can’t find it in yourself to say maybe this isn’t such a great idea to not cover Bloomberg and Democrats, but to investigate Trump? You can’t even bring yourself to say that because you’re at The New York Times? Seriously?”

McCabe doubled down again, talking about “the bigger picture.”

Anyone who still believes the “mainstream media” isn’t a biased organ of the Democrat Party just isn’t being honest.

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