(TNS) The Garbage Party is getting frustrated, folks, and it’s your fault because you’re not gullible enough to believe them when they say President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

Even though they have no evidence for it and the ‘witnesses’ they have produced thus far to convince you have all but admitted the president’s dealings with Ukraine are not illegal and thus, not impeachable.

During an appearance on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday, the network’s political correspondent, Rick Klein, revealed that Democrats are “frustrated” with this impeachment charade not because they no longer want to ‘get Trump,’ but because too few Americans are buying the BS.

“Democrats’ view now is get it over, move on,” Klein said. “They feel that they’ve made the case that they can make, they’ve grown frustrated inside their conference about their inability to move public opinion, their inability to get any Republicans to go along.

“So the sense is, they’ve got the votes” to return articles of impeachment against the president, “that’s really not going to change,” Klein continued. “They need to get this process moving as quickly as possible, you’ll see that in committee this week after the Intelligence Committee hands over documents to the Judiciary Committee.”

Klein noted further that Republicans are looking forward to the Judiciary Committee handoff because he said they feel they can play better “defense” there. But overall, the GOP isn’t buying in and neither are most Americans.

What Democrats are hoping for, of course, is to run on the fact that they “impeached” Trump even though they know they’re not going to get a conviction in the GOP-controlled Senate and have the president removed from office.

Because again, this is just the latest hoax perpetrated by the Garbage Party and the deep state to remove a duly elected president they simply cannot stand to have in the White House.

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But at the base of all of this frustration, never forget, is you, the Trump supporter and voter.

Your refusal to abandon an innocent president triggers the Garbage Party and the deep state like no one’s ever triggered them.

They hate Trump, no doubt.

They hate you more because it’s you who will reelect Trump next year and, possibly, put someone else just like him in power in 2024.

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