(TNS) Late last month, The New York Times and Washington Post both ran stories claiming that the upcoming report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will claim that the FBI’s probe into the 2016 Trump campaign, a.k.a. “Spygate,” was legitimate and did not involve the placing of spies inside the campaign.

Based on reporting and evidence that has been presented thus far, both of those claims are nonsensical and false.

The stories sound a lot like the deep state is attempting to soft-pedal the IG’s actual findings and get a narrative placed ahead of the game in order to diffuse the report’s findings.

But according to Spygate researcher Svetlana Lokhova, that’s not going to work.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, she presents a boatload of evidence proving not only that Obama’s FBI and Justice Department spied on the Trump campaign, there was year-long plot to take down the president’s first national security advisor, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn who, recall, was fired by Obama for essentially bucking the system (of corruption).

She has more than evidence. She also says she has ‘receipts.’


But remember, there were no attempts to place “spies” in the Trump campaign.

Remember that quote. Also recall that Halper tried to get a job in the Trump administration as a deep state stooge.

But hey…no spies!

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And leaks.

This all makes a great script for one of those Hollywood political thrillers. But what’s truly sad is that this stuff actually happened. We actually had a sitting president attempt to undermine and then depose a duly-elected president.

And so far, no one has really be held accountable for that.

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