By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Here we go again.

Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren put on her best Marxist cap this week during a campaign event in which she claimed anew that successful Americans didn’t get that way on their own — they had lots of help, you see, from ‘the taxpayers.’

“It’s a point I’ve made since my very first campaign: Nobody in this country got rich on their own. They relied on infrastructure we all paid for, employees we all paid to educate. So if you’re successful, good for you—now pay it forward so everyone has a chance at success,” Warren said in a tweet accompanying a video of her saying essentially the same thing.

This line of thinking is so stupid it defies logic. But like Obama, Warren continues to use it as a class warfare tool to divide Americans based on income, wealth, education, etc.

So naturally, because a faction of Americans want to blame their lack of success on something other than themselves, this buffoonery will resonate.

But here’s the thing: Countries with the means to lift up their populations and advance themselves do so. That’s just the natural order of things.

Americans for generations have worked to improve not only their lot in life but also the country.

Technological advancements for centuries have catapulted the United States to the top of the world’s developed nations.

In addition to education, that took building infrastructure, of course.

But let’s look at the argument this doofus is making: No one would have gotten ‘rich’ without that taxpayer-supported education and infrastructure, right?

So that assumes we would not have developed an education system or built any infrastructure without the government doing it, which is complete nonsense.

Warren assumes that a factory owner in the 1700s or 1800s would not have considered how to get his or her goods to market sans roads, bridges, etc. That’s just stupid; of course they took such things into consideration. And lo and behold, trails turned into thoroughfares, which eventually turned into roads. And commerce happened.

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As for education, American children were being educated long before the government mandated it and then took control of it. Harvard — the Ivy League school that hired Liz after she falsely claimed to be a “Native American” — was built in the early 1600s.

But playing along with Warren’s schtick, let’s expound further.

In the modern era, sure, taxpayers built roads and bridges, and taxpayers fund public education. Got it.

What has the government received for that investment in return? Nothing?

Or has a whole bunch of commerce generated through the investment in infrastructure and such created wealth for the government in the form of taxes paid on earnings? Taxes paid on income from successful businesses and corporations?

In other words, our country invested in modernization so it could advance and in doing so, Americans ensured their place as citizens of the greatest nation in history.

And do you know how we did it? Because our country was founding on principles of individual liberty and freedom to pursue dreams and take advantage of opportunities.

If government hadn’t ‘built roads and bridges,’ industrious Americans in the private sector would have. In fact, the Interstate System was created by President Eisenhower, in part, as a national security investment, not just to enhance commerce.

If government hadn’t established a system of education, industrious Americans in the private sector would have.

We know this because industrious Americans in the private sector have been doing things like that for centuries. Like our power grid and our early system of telephonics and communication.

Long before this raging Marxist Warren came along.

Claiming that America would never have developed the infrastructure to become an advanced country without ‘government’ and ‘taxpayers’ is just…stupid.

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