REALITY: If Dems remove Trump from office, they’ll be helping RUSSIA in its war against Ukraine

(TNS) Months after special counsel Robert Mueller ‘officially’ put a dagger in the heart of the “Trump-Russia collusion” lie, some in the Garbage Party and their propaganda media continue to beat that dead horse.

Mind you, it was a lie when Barack Obama, James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan created it out of thin air as a means of deposing a guy whom none of them ever believed would be sitting in the Oval Office, and it’s still a lie.

So, too, is the ‘Russia lite’ fib: That President Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine, a country Russia has invaded, in exchange for a guarantee that former VP Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, would be investigated, along with the country’s involvement with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to interfere in the 2016 election.

All of those things took place, but Trump wasn’t the one who committed the infractions.

Joe Biden threatened Ukraine with a “quid pro quo,” and he did it to save his son from being outed for corruption.

Clinton and the DNC attempted to get Ukrainian government officials to provide political dirt on the 2016 Trump campaign.

And Obama was in on all of it.

Yet, Democrats are attempting to impeach President Trump of actions for which the prior administration is guilty.

NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin on Friday made an observation about this impeachment charade that has been largely overlooked: Namely, that impeaching Trump and removing him from office, ironically, would be a boon to Russia and potentially devastating for Ukraine.

He writes:

If coup-coup Nancy Pelosi has a panic button, now would be a good time to lean on it. With signs that Americans are tuning out the impeachment hearings, the clock is ticking on Democrats’ chance to make their case. … 

Their problem last week largely centered on the fact that none of the witnesses were actual witnesses to any relevant events, including the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

They solved that problem early Tuesday with the day’s first two witnesses, Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, both of whom listened to the call in the White House. Finally, the impeachment zealots had someone with firsthand knowledge, as opposed to the second- and third-handers last week.

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They got even closer in the afternoon, with former officials Tim Morrison and Kurt Volker higher up the food chain. In contrast to all the other witnesses, both had actually met Trump!

But still the end zone proved elusive. The closest Dems came was when Williams, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, said she found the July 25 call “unusual.” Vindman declared it an “inappropriate and improper” demand and reported it to lawyers.

Quickly, though, Republicans cleverly succeeded in contrasting those two reactions, with Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe saying, “There is no consensus about what you heard,” and that any impeachment case “must be clear, overwhelming and compelling.” …

The doubts took a leap when Vindman conceded that lawyers said it was legal for Trump to temporarily withhold more than $400 million in aid to Ukraine. … 

Adding to the surreal quality of the hearings is a crucial fact that gets too little attention: Trump’s policy toward Ukraine has been far stronger than President Barack Obama’s. Providing Ukraine with antitank weapons to counter Russian invasions is a direct slap at Vladimir Putin, a move Obama rejected because he feared it would provoke Putin.

Thus, removing Trump would benefit Russia, proving that, for Dems, Ukraine’s security is just another pawn in their war against the president.

Absolutely correct. Obama never provided Ukraine with a single defensive weapon, which was a blatant violation of a Bill Clinton-era agreement known as the Budapest Memorandum.

As we reported in late October, it was Obama and Biden who screwed Ukraine:

Shortly after Russia took the Crimea, which Vladimir Putin would not have done had he thought for a moment that Obama would live up to that treaty and come to Ukraine’s defense, Joe Biden was on the ground in Ukraine threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid money to Kiev when the government there desperately needed it for self-defense, as Russia-backed forces had launched a civil war in Ukraine’s east, in the Donbas region.

And why did the former VP make the threat? Oh, because a Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating corruption involving a company that was paying his son, Hunter, a boatload of money per month to be a “board member.”

Trump, meanwhile, has been accused by Schiff and the Garbage Party of doing what Biden did — except that Trump is the president who actually provided Ukraine with lethal military aid so Kiev could defend itself against Putin’s aggression.

Trump, in other words, did more to live up to the conditions of the Budapest Memorandum than Obama (and Biden) ever did. In fact, Obama/Biden exploited Ukraine at its most vulnerable moment.

What kind of arrangement did Obama and his buddy, Putin, really have in order for Obama to look the other way as the Russian leader took Crimea?

Oh, that’s right; 44 promised after his reelection in 2012 to be more “flexible” on “missile defense” in Europe (translation: more willing to give in to Putin’s demands).

What else did he promise? Didn’t that make Obama Putin’s stooge?

Russia’s theft of Crimea remains to this day, as does Moscow’s continued support for Ukraine ‘separatists’ battling government forces in the country’s east.

Meanwhile, instead of Trump not being a Putin stooge, our president has been pushing NATO members to increase their defense spending to the agreed-upon 2 percent of GDP so they can better defend themselves against (anyone?) a revisionist Russia. And he plans on pushing them again when NATO ministers meet in London next week.

In fact, thanks to Trump, more NATO countries are now spending 2 percent or have agreed to do so on defense since the Cold War.

This entire ‘Trump-Russia-Ukraine’ narrative is not simply a lie concocted by Democrats to ‘get Trump.’ It’s a smokescreen to cover up the party’s own history of corruption and collusion with those countries.

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