(TNS) Following a meeting in the White House in 2016, then-President Obama told a visitor that President-elect Trump “knows absolutely nothing,” according to a POLITICO report that leaves readers with the impression that he was assessing the new president’s intellectual abilities.

“He [Trump] knows absolutely nothing,” Obama reportedly said after one White House meeting, the report noted.

POLITICO noted further:

Throughout 2017 the main struggle of the small staff Obama assembled in the West End was how to deal with what they viewed as a crazy president personally obsessed with Obama. After running against Obama’s legacy, and then holding one awkward but collegial meeting in the White House—“He knows absolutely nothing,” Obama privately told a visitor about Trump, immediately after the meeting—Trump discarded historical precedent and began attacking Obama personally as he worked to overturn his policies. For the most part, Obama and his staff chose to ignore the personal and weighed in only on big policy questions.

Even after the election, Obama still “held out hope” that he and Trump could have some kind of normal president/former president relationship, similar to how Obama and George W. Bush operated in 2009. “He wanted to be a resource,” said Kevin Lewis, Obama’s first post-presidential press secretary. “What we didn’t expect at the level that it was done were the attacks.”

Who are these people kidding?

Obama wasn’t talking about Trump in the sense that he ‘knows nothing’ about the presidency or what he’s doing, generally speaking.

Obama had to have been talking about “Spygate” — the operation he unleashed to defeat Trump or, after he won unexpectedly, see him ousted from office.

“Obama was running the spy operation on Trump at the time. That’s what Obama meant when he said Trump ‘knows nothing,'” top talker Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday on his program.

“They want us to believe that Obama is saying, ‘This guy’s the biggest blithering idiot! He doesn’t know a damn thing about this job.’ If you ask me, Obama, after the first meeting with Trump after the election…? This FBI sting operation, it’s been going for months before the election, and it had really geared up afterwards. I think Obama was saying, ‘Trump doesn’t know anything about our operation.'”

That’s exactly right.

“Does anybody believe this? That Obama was hoping Trump would seek his advice? What world’s Obama living in if he really actually thought that would happen? Keep in mind the Obama DOJ, the Obama FBI, the Obama CIA director, the Obama Director of National Intelligence and the Obama FBI director, James Comey, are running this Trump-Russia collusion hoax before the election,” Limbaugh said.

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Keep in mind:

— Spygate was run like a counterintelligence operation, and all counterintelligence operations are a) done on behalf of presidents; and b) briefed to the president.

— Obama’s team was using informants to set people up within the Trump campaign.

— FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting Trump hate back and forth while talking about needing an “insurance policy” if Trump won. Additionally, there was talk about keeping “POTUS” in the loop.

— Obama’s team was working to link Trump to Russian ‘collusion.’

Kevin Lewis, Obama’s first post-presidential press secretary, even complained about Trump tying Obama to “wiretapping” him.

“What do you do? Trump puts out that tweet that Obama’s wiretapped him at Trump Tower. What do you do with that?” Lewis said. “Obama desperately wanted to adhere to the precedent, but it was an unprecedented moment. So we focused more on addressing the lie than talking about Trump’s character.”

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Is he seriously saying that the Obama regime wasn’t ‘wiretapping’ Trump? Why’d the FBI need FISA warrants then?

Why did The New York Times report that Trump was being “wiretapped?”

Who are these people trying to kid?

“I’m telling you that when Obama is telling people Trump knows absolutely nothing, he’s talking about Trump knows absolutely nothing about our operation,” Limbaugh said.

“And this is being cast as Obama, the brilliant, greatest president ever, judging Trump’s competence and saying he doesn’t know anything. That’s not how you would criticize somebody newly elected president, even if you disagreed, even if you thought they were an idiot. ‘He doesn’t know anything.’ That’s too broad-based. It’s too scatter shot.”

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