(TNS) Out of all the Marxist Democrats running for the 2020 presidential prize, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has been the most honest when it comes to how he plans to pay for his “Medicare for All” scheme, a 100-percent government-run healthcare system that would also cover illegal aliens.

The original author of the scheme, Bernie has admitted that in order to raise the tens of trillions of dollars it would cost to pay for this monstrosity, taxes would have to be raised. No way around it, he has said.

But even though he’s been more honest about how he’d finance Medicare for All, he’s not been completely honest about it.

At a townhall-style meeting in Salem, New Hampshire Monday, Sanders laid out some math that adds up to this: Even low-income Americans will have their taxes raised, contrary to earlier statements.

“What we will do — what we will do is have a four percent tax on income exempting the first $29,000,” Sanders said to cheers. “All right, good. You — you’re better at arithmetic than I am. Because what that means is if you are that average family in the middle who makes $60,000 a year, that means we’re going to tax you on $31,000 at four percent.”

But, as Beth Baumann at Townhall notes, there are some problems with this:

Is the $29,000 exemption for couples then? What is the exemption, if any, for singles? Is it safe to assume that exemption would be $14,500 (half of what he proposed for families)?

Bernie has said this would be a tax increase, so everyone would pay four percent on everything they make over the threshold he established, although that isn’t even very clear. Even with that exemption, that raises taxes on the poor and middle class, the very people Sanders has said he aims to protect. 

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Sanders has also voiced support for raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Okay, working an average 40-hour week, that comes to $31,200 per year. So thus, even low-income working poor will be taxed additionally — to pay for a healthcare scheme that includes complete coverage for illegal aliens, many of whom aren’t paying a dime in federal income taxes (because they’re in the country working illegally).


A single person making $31,200 with an exemption of $14,500 would still have to pay four percent more on $16,700, which is almost $700 a year. That’s a lot of money, especially for someone making minimum wage. 

Sound fair to you?

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