(TNS) One of the Garbage Party’s favorite claims about why Hillary Clinton was shellacked by Donald Trump, echoed dutifully by Left-wing hacks in the propaganda media, is that “Russian trolls” flooded social platforms and thus ‘influenced’ Americans.

Thus, the ‘Trump campaign and Russia colluded to steal the election from Queen Hillary’ lie was born.

But a new study flatly refutes the claim, specifically by concluding that there is no way to tell if Russian trolls had any effect whatsoever on voting outcomes.

“There is widespread concern that Russia and other countries have launched social-media campaigns designed to increase political divisions in the United States. Though a growing number of studies analyze the strategy of such campaigns, it is not yet known how these efforts shaped the political attitudes and behaviors of Americans,” the study authors, including Duke University Prof. Chris Bail, write.

“Using Bayesian regression tree models, we find no evidence that interaction with IRA accounts substantially impacted 6 distinctive measures of political attitudes and behaviors over a 1-mo period,” they continued.

“We also find that interaction with IRA accounts were most common among respondents with strong ideological homophily within their Twitter network, high interest in politics, and high frequency of Twitter usage.

“Together, these findings suggest that Russian trolls might have failed to sow discord because they mostly interacted with those who were already highly polarized,” the authors noted further.

“We conclude by discussing several important limitations of our study—especially our inability to determine whether IRA accounts influenced the 2016 presidential election—as well as its implications for future research on social media influence campaigns, political polarization, and computational social science.”

On Twitter, Bail laid out the findings in more detail.

Key takeaway: “Did Russian trolls actually influence the attitudes and behaviors of U.S. social media users? Our Polarization Lab’s new article suggests the answer might be ‘no,'” he write.

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It’s important to note that “many people” think this because the corrupt “mainstream media” has repeated the lie over and over and over again — obviously without any real proof or evidence of any kind.

Here’s another key passage: “Though our analysis has important limitations (see below), we found no significant effects of interacting with trolls for any of our outcomes. We also found that the people who are mostly likely to interact with trolls are primarily those who are already highly polarized.”

In short, most people already had their minds made up as to how they were going to vote.

That rings true. Think about it: How many people have you argued with talking politics over the years? How many people’s minds have you changed?

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Very few, if any.

So why would Russian trolls have better success?

This is an important study more for what it did not find.

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