(TNS) We already knew that Anna Navarro was nothing but a classless hack for CNN and The View, but now we can add “blatant racist” to her growing list of undesirable traits.

On Monday a pair of polls from historically reliable sources — Emerson and Rasmussen — showed that support for President Trump among blacks has risen substantially over the past several months.

That makes sense. The president has made it a point to highlight how his economic policies have lifted all boats, especially for blacks and Hispanics, two demographics now experiencing the lowest unemployment rates in half-a-century or more.

Not only that, but the president recently launched a specific outreach to black Americans, vowing to re-invest in their communities instead of continuing to send money overseas to ungrateful parties or waste it on “global green projects.”

So when Emerson and Rasmussen reported on Monday that the president’s approval rating among black Americans had risen to between 34 and 35 percent, we weren’t surprised.


But do you know who was surprised? Navarro.

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And angry, apparently…because she sent this extremely racist tweet.

Which led to this response:


Once again, a Leftist proves that the Garbage Party harbors some of the most racist, bigoted people in America, not President Trump and certainly not his legions of supporters.

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