Carter Page: ‘There’s been NO real action’ on FISA abuses by the Obama-Comey FBI since ‘Spygate’

(TNS) Late last week, some details regarding Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s long-awaited report on alleged abuses of the FISA court by Barack Obama’s DoJ and FBI were leaked to friendly media so they could get an early spin and narrative on the story.

The New York Times and the Washington Post both reported similar details: Horowitz indeed found some nefarious behavior, but it involved a “low-level FBI lawyer” who has since been fired from the agency.

Other that that, we’re told, Horowitz will report that he found no evidence whatsoever of any political bias by anyone involved in launching “Spygate.”

The two outlets also reported that Horowitz’s report will say that Comey’s FBI had a ‘legitimate reasons’ to begin spying on a presidential campaign, which is unprecedented in the history of our republic.

If Horowitz’s report actually claims there was ‘no political bias’ that led to spying on the Trump campaign — after all of the texts between former FBI officials Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page indicate otherwise — that will be an abomination.

Of course Spygate was “political.” Consider that the premise of the investigation was a BS “dossier” everyone knew was paid for by the rival presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Throw in the fact that the DNC and the Clinton campaign were cultivating Ukrainian sources to dig up dirt on Trump and his campaign associates and there is nothing left to conclude other than the fact that Spygate was very much a “political” operation — to destroy a presidential contender’s chances of winning the White House, then undermine him after he did.

Carter Page, the Trump campaign official who was actually spied upon, spoke on Friday to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

He noted that, based on what’s been reported by the Times and the Post thus far, it appears there has been no real reform of the FISA application process and, barring any action by Congress or the White House, there won’t be.

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What’s more, Page made the very appropriate observation that not only were Hillary’s FBI and DoJ sycophants spying on him, they were, of course, equally interested in his interactions with the rest of the Trump campaign, including the candidate himself.

If that’s not “political,” then nothing is.

“It’s more of the same,” Page said when asked if he thinks the IG’s report vindicates him. “These people keep saying the same information. We’ve known about this hoax for so long and all of the wrongdoing, and unfortunately, there’s been no real action to address” the abuses of the FISA court.


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Lets wait and see. from the looks of things we’ll never even SEE the report! LOL! But is it really surprising that the fix is in!? NOBODY on either side ever thought for a moment that the insurrectionists would face punishment…they’re all Democrats!


This will be Biblical

Demogeddon for the democratic-satanist party of pedoverts.


Throwing this out — When is Diane Feinswine going to pay for deploying her pet (chinese) spy for 20+ years?

When the Congress voted to keep all their sordid sexcapades, lawsuits, sex abuse, and settlements out of the public sphere, then used taxpayer’s money to pay the victims —WTF?

We need to know who was really paid off when Homobama flew pallets of cash to iran. Let’s have a detailed audit!

Then we have this Ukrainian crap and Uraniam 1 deals.

Seems like we have too many rogue political satanists in both parties.

Remember, these are public servants —NOT RULERS!

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