(TNS) It wasn’t that long ago when disgraced sexual abuser and Democratic Rep. Katie Hill of California was forced to resign in the face of an Ethics Committee investigation.

Mind you, she couldn’t leave Congress quietly and with some humility. No.

Rather, she blamed her sexual abuse of a staffer and blatant violations of House ethics rules on a “double standard” that no one with two brain cells to rub together took seriously.

She broke a number of House ethics rules including having sex with a staffer, abusing her position of power to procure sexual activities for her husband, abused her staff sexually and emotionally, and making graphic sexual jokes about her staff.

But none of that stopped CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo from booking her on his show because CNN is a crap magnet.

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Worse, he allowed her to pontificate about how Congress needs more ethics and especially those darned Republicans in the Senate who aren’t about to convict President Donald Trump on impeachment charges because he’s done nothing wrong.

“You need to get people with actual integrity in the Senate and in charge as well,” she actually said.

Just. Wow.

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