(TNS) The Garbage Party’s propaganda media fact-check every single syllable that President Donald Trump utters and every byte of data he tweets, but thus far they haven’t put 2020 Democratic presidential contenders under the same scrutiny.

They should because, boy, are there a bunch of liars in the group.

Take Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren of Massachusetts, for example.

This woman literally seems incapable of telling the truth, but in that respect, at least, she’s channeling Barack Obama, who was pathological about it.

On Friday, Reason’s Corey DeAngelis caught Warren in a bald-faced lie when she told school choice advocate Sarah Carpenter that she sent her kids to public school.

“No, my children went to public schools.”

Uh, no, Liz, not all of them.

Per the New York Post:

Elizabeth Warren proudly opposes school choice — for your kids. She apparently could afford to take her own son out of the public-school system and enroll him in a private school, yet her education policies would deny that choice to less wealthy Americans.

Sen. Warren’s schools plan, which she released last month, is radically anti-choice. She promises to end private-school vouchers and tax credits. She’d block new programs that give families choices and work to shut down existing ones.

She’d also ban for-profit charter schools, end federal funding for new charters and add more regulatory barriers to opening them.

The blueprint sounds like it came straight from the teachers’ union playbook: It calls for boosts in funding to government-run schools and more red tape for their competition.

Busted, her campaign had to admit that, yeah, she lied about it.

This is the problem with elite blue-blood liberals: They insist that your kids and your family live in a manner they prescribe without ever having any intention of living under the same rules.

That’s why Warren had to lie about this public education thing: How can she credibly tout the ‘wonders’ and ‘benefits’ of ‘public schools’ when, at the moment she could afford to take her child out of public school, she did?

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The answer is, of course, she can’t credibly argue the point. But it won’t matter to Democrat voters if she winds up being the party’s nominee because hypocrisy is a Democrat prerequisite.

The bigger issue, however, is this: If we can’t trust Warren to be honest about a simple thing like primary education (and her own ethnicity), how can we trust her with preserving and protecting the Constitution?

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