(TNS) While the Garbage Party remains obsessed with impeaching President Donald Trump for no reason, he remains obsessed with leading our country.

After yet another day of dodging slings and arrows throw his way by lesser men and women whose only purpose in life is to sabotage America, the president made time Thursday night to go to Dover Air Force Base and receive the remains of two fallen U.S. servicemen who were killed when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.

Now, mind you, it takes a lot to move a president from Point A to Point B, for any reason.

So when he comes to his staff and says, “Hey, I want to get to Dover AFB to receive our fallen troops,” a lot of things have to happen first. And quickly.

Trump knows that, of course. It doesn’t take new presidents long to see what is involved in preparing for their travel.

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So while it may not seem like much to people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome, the fact that the president did this Thursday night is a big deal.

And what’s an even bigger deal is that he wanted to do it in the first place.

Say what you will about this president, he cares about the men and women he sends to do our fighting.

When was the last time you heard about a Democrat – any Democrat — doing this?

They’re too busy trying to throw him out of office.

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