(TNS) No president has been harder on the “mainstream media” than Donald Trump, but then again, the mainstream media has never treated a president as badly as they treat him.

When the media bozos aren’t reporting the latest piece of phony information leaked to them by autonomous deep staters seeking to protect their turf, they publishing wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about his health.

And frankly, as the president said this week, that’s “dangerous.”

In particular, Trump was incensed over the media’s ridiculous claims last week after he made a brief, unscheduled visit to nearby Walter Reed Medical Center to begin his annual physical.

Reports blared that he was having a “heart attack.” Others speculated that he was having some ‘mental health’ issues. Still others claimed he’d been poisoned.

It was nonsensical, inaccurate, and — in his words — “dangerous.”

During a Cabinet meeting Thursday, the president said he was even asked by First Lady Melania Trump and others upon his return if he was okay.

Mind you, these kinds of reports are picked up globally by other news agencies.

So when American media jackals get the details so spectacularly wrong, they’re not just hurting their own credibility.

They could even be putting the nation at risk.

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No wonder Trump calls them “enemies of the people.”

“CNN said you may have had a heart attack, you had massive chest pains,” the president said. “These people (reporters) are sick. And, the press, really, in this country, is dangerous.

“We don’t have freedom of the press in this country,” Trump continued. “We have the opposite. We have a very corrupt media. And I hope they can get their act straight.”

Watch (beginning at 2:00):

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