(TNS) Victoria’s Secret is a fashion company that became famous for its sexy lingerie, among other things.

But in recent years the company has taken one hit after another from self-loathing Left-wing feminists who claim the company’s annual fashion shows were “objectifying women” and, thus, not something that should be supported.

Because nothing says ‘Merica! like destroying a clothing business simply because there are some women who look much better in it than you do.

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Now, there won’t even be a Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show anymore because the company is pulling the plug.

USA Today reports:

The show in recent years has been buffeted by bad publicity, bad reviews and now bad numbers. The 2018 show’s audience of 3.27 million viewers was the smallest since becoming a holiday season TV event in 2001, with Nielsen saying the show has lost more than half its television audience in two years.

Another political and cultural victory for the perpetually triggered Left.

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