(TNS) Believe it or not, there actually was a time when the Democrat Party wasn’t populated with insane, hate-filled, and perpetually triggered people.

In those days, Democrats actually believed in the rule of law and fundamental constitutional principles, like freedom of speech on college campuses.

And like privacy.

But not anymore. The Democrat Left’s utter rebellion over conservative speech on campus is well-documented. And now, thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Garbage Party no longer believes in privacy, either.

At least for Donald Trump.

While presidential contenders and presidents have released copies of their tax returns for decades, they’re not required to do so.

The Constitution makes no such demand on presidents or people who run for our nation’s highest elected office.

Democrats don’t care about that, however. They’ve been trying to see President Trump’s tax returns for years now because they’re just convinced he’s ‘not as rich’ has he says he is.

So they are willing to toss aside our founding document’s very fundamental privacy protections for the opportunity to say, “N’yah, n’yah, see? See? We told you Trump wasn’t all that rich!”

Like that matters in the great scheme of things.

But since Democrats elected to federal office cannot force the president to disclose his tax returns, Democrats in deep blue states are picking up the gauntlet and attempting to bypass the Constitution’s presidential requirements by forcing ‘anyone’ who runs for president in their state to disclose his or her tax returns.

It’s highly unconstitutional and though New York has so far gotten away with making the demand, New York on the Left coast, a.k.a. California, isn’t playing that. It appears there is still some rationality in California’s court system.

The state’s highest court has rejected a state law that would required Trump to disclose years’ worth of tax returns if he wants to appear on statewide 2020 presidential ballots.

Justices ruled that such a requirement is unconstitutional after a federal judge, in response to a lawsuit from California Republicans (yes, the state still has some), blocked the law from taking effect recently.

Per The Associated Press, “The state defended the law, saying tax returns are a simple way for voters to weigh candidates’ financial status.”

Why is that important to today’s Garbage Party when it wasn’t to our founders?

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Democrats argue that voters ‘need to know’ if a prospective president is in financial dire straits to see if he/she may be subject to being bribed by foreign governments.

That’s a joke because Democrats in Congress aren’t the least bit concerned about how so many of their own members, over the course of years in office, have managed to become multi-millionaires on salaries of less than $150,000 a year (until recently).

Their interest in all of this was simply to embarrass our billionaire president. Because, you know, that’s going to fix roads and bridges, help defend the country, and ensure passage of trade deals that are economically beneficial to Americans and our country.

Thankfully, the California Supreme Court understands what was going on and put the kibosh on state Democrats’ efforts. Thankfully, the Constitution still matters to those judges.

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