(TNS) Jamaican-American Sen. Kamala Harris probably thought she was promoting her accomplishments during the Democratic debate Wednesday evening when she tried to justify why she should be the one to “take on” President Donald Trump.

Because she’s got ‘take-on’ experience. Or something like that.

Harris explained that she was qualified to become her party’s 2020 presidential nominee because she’s “taken on Jeff Sessions, I’ve taken on Bill Barr, and I’ve taken on Brett Kavanaugh.”

And she didn’t stop any of those gentlemen from eventually being named to their posts.

How, exactly, is this a qualification to brag about then?

Every other Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee ‘took on’ these nominees, too.

This ‘qualifies’ her to ‘take on’ President Trump? We say there isn’t a Democrat in the race who can ‘take on’ this president.

Look who he has beaten for the past three years.

But hey, Kamala…you be you.

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