(TNS) We’re betting that most Americans had no idea how foreign policy was conducted before the Garbage Party’s impeachment inquiry over President Donald Trump’s alleged ‘infractions’ with Ukraine were made into an issue.

And now, weeks into the impeachment show, we’re betting most Americans still don’t know how U.S. foreign policy is conducted. Or the fact that the president of the United States primarily sets American foreign policy objectives, with some congressional input.

That’s the way it’s always been, but the Deep State swamp hates Donald Trump like no other president in modern history simply because he’s not ‘one of them’ and he’s trying to disassemble a foreign policy apparatus that has put America and Americans second and third instead of first for decades.

That’s really what this “Trump-Ukraine” nonsense is about at its core: Career U.S. diplomats, many of them Ivy Leaguers, are globalists first and Americans second, and they are trying to pretend like elections don’t matter when the president is trying to undo their life’s work.

On Wednesday, one of Adam Schiff’s witnesses was Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale, another careerist who isn’t keen on Trump’s ‘outsider’ ways of doing things.

Under questioning from Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), Hale was forced to admit that, yes, the U.S. often “withholds aid” from countries for various reasons.

And recall that’s the nub of the issue here with Trump: He temporarily ‘withheld military aid’ from Ukraine, and Democrats want Americans to believe that is a no-no…for some reason..though it’s done all the time.

So, why again, exactly, are we being forced to endure this phony “Ukraine” scandal?

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