(TNS) So, once upon a time there was a burger chain that tried to appease everyone, even non-meat eaters, and wound up getting…burned.

In August, Burger King — no doubt after spending untold amounts of money and years on market research, rolled out its “Impossible Whopper” — a meatless, all-vegan sandwich that the company touts as tasting so much like the traditional Whopper, no one can tell the difference.

No doubt the company wanted to tap into the growing Leftist-fed “vegan” movement and market, and, well, kudos to them for that.

They shouldn’t have bothered.

As Reuters reports, some jerk is suing the franchise for what is essentially cooking his Impossible Whopper in remnants of meat juice:

Burger King was sued on Monday by a vegan customer who accused the fast-food chain of contaminating its meatless “Impossible” Whoppers by cooking them on the same grills as its traditional meat burgers.

In a proposed class action, Phillip Williams said he bought an Impossible Whopper, a plant-based alternative to Burger King’s regular Whopper, at an Atlanta drive-through, and would not have paid a premium price had he known the cooking would leave it “coated in meat by-products.”

The lawsuit filed in Miami federal court seeks damages for all U.S. purchasers of the Impossible Whopper, and an injunction requiring Burger King to “plainly disclose” that Impossible Whoppers and regular burgers are cooked on the same grills.

Burger King, a unit of Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International Inc, declined to comment, saying it does not discuss pending litigation.

Oh, and this:

Its website describes the Impossible Burger as “100% Whopper, 0% Beef,” and adds that “for guests looking for a meat-free option, a non-broiler method of preparation is available upon request.”

Impossible Foods Inc, which helped create the Impossible Whopper, has said it designed the product for meat eaters who want to consume less animal protein, not for vegans or vegetarians.

“For people who are strictly vegan, there is a microwave prep procedure that they’re welcome to ask for in any store,” Dana Worth, Impossible Foods’ head of sales, said in a recent interview.

But see, that option requires customers to take some responsibility and ownership for their own eating habits and, these days in Snowflake America, that’s simply too much to ask.

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Bottom line: You can’t please some people no matter how hard you try…so many you should just stop trying.

Burger King makes burgers — lucious, lovely, delectable, tasty, meaty burgers. Not vegan fare. Stick to that, King.

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