(TNS) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has a unique way of getting to the nub of an issue in a way that most cable news hosts can’t.

He has a keen ability to see issues as most Americans likely see them, which is unique among Inside the Beltway commentators and hosts.

This ability was on display as he opened his program Thursday. In a summation explaining why most Americans couldn’t care less about the Democrat-run crap show “impeachment inquiry,” he notes that nothing that is being presented is new.

Or real.

Carlson pointed out that people who hate President Trump before the “open” impeachment inquiry began on Wednesday only had their bias confirmed by what they saw — regardless of the fact that the testimony by the witnesses was neither “bombshell” nor impeachable.

But of course, that didn’t stop the #NeverTrump DC swamp media from proclaiming that all the ‘evidence’ is in the open now, for everyone to see, but unfortunately, there are just too many Americans who refuse to acknowledge it.

Because of “Trump cult.” Or something like that.

“For now, you wish the buffoons on television would stop yapping about Trump 24-7 and talk about something that is maybe relevant to your life,” he said.

“But they won’t stop. They’re single-mindedly focused on despising Trump. It’s weird. And it’s unhealthy,” he added.

Bottom line: Americans are being told to ignore their own eyes and ears and simply trust the liars in the media and in Congress that they are right and Trump is bad and he must go…yesterday!

And Americans, generally, aren’t having it.


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