(TNS) As journalists, most mainstream reporters are pretty good propagandists. As propagandists, they are terrible lawyers.

That’s why we don’t seek legal advice from mainstream media types, and neither should you. Or President Trump, for that matter.

Especially when it comes to his impeachment sham.

Earlier Friday, the president tweeted some commentary regarding diplomat Marie Yovanovitch, who is Adam Schiff’s sole ‘impeach witness’ for the day.

Mind you, as USA Features News reported, she really didn’t have anything to contribute to “Ukrainegate” because she doesn’t know anything.

She never spoke to the president about Ukraine and had already been fired by him by the time of his ‘controversial’ July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The president, of course, knows that. So, being Trump, he tweeted about it…while she was testifying.

Poor judgment? Eh. Maybe. Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr thinks so.

But … was it witness intimidation?

That’s what some of the media legal geniuses believe. Like CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Add Fox News’ Bret Baier to the list.


What about when, say, Bill Clinton met Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at the airport in Phoenix while his wife, Hillary Clinton, was being investigated by the DoJ and FBI for felony mishandling of classified information? Nothing to see there…right?

Starr seems to have it about right.

Well, I must say that the president was not advised by counsel in deciding to do this tweet — extraordinarily poor judgment,” he said Friday. “The president frequently says, ‘I follow my instincts.’ Sometimes we have to control our instincts.”

“So, obviously, this was I think quite injurious,” he noted further, adding that regardless of the bad taste, it wasn’t an “impeachable” offense because he wasn’t “tampering” with any “witnesses.”

Remember, a) this isn’t a real House impeachment probe; and b) Yovanovitch has admitted she wasn’t a party to any part of President Trump’s Ukraine involvement.

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