(TNS) Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” that the current Democrat-led House impeachment sham against President Donald Trump “is a danger to the presidency” because the so-called ‘evidence’ being utilized to push it is based on “hearsay.”

“A trial in the Senate, to me, should not legitimize what’s going on in the House,” the South Carolina Republican said.

“No American is denied the right to call witnesses on their behalf except Donald Trump. No American is accused of wrongdoing anonymously except Donald Trump,” he continued.

“What they’re doing in the House is a danger to the presidency itself, so any trial in the Senate needs to make sure that you can’t impeach a president based just on hearsay, because that’s a danger to the presidency itself.”

Graham’s comments come on the heels of earlier statements in which he claimed that any House impeachment based on sham evidence is “dead on arrival” in the Senate if House Democrats don’t call the anonymous “Ukraine whistleblower” whom everyone already knows.

But, as host Sean Hannity noted, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other top Republicans including Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, have not said that. In fact, McConnell has entertained the notion of putting the president on trial if the House impeaches for any reason.

“Any trial in the Senate must expose the whistleblower so the president can confront his accuser,” Graham continued.

“I will not accept a trial in the Senate until I know who the whistleblower is,” he emphasized.

Formally, that is…because, again…Eric Ciaramella.

What’s most noteworthy about the interview is that Graham appears to be the first one to note that Democrats are not just trying to damage Donald Trump, they are harming our form of government — in particular, the Executive Branch, and perhaps irreparably.


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