Another Leftist ‘progressive,’ Judd Legum, proves (again) that Democrats are the new Nazi Party

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) The Nazis who ruled Germany were good at two things: Authoritarianism and propaganda, which is why the American political party that most aligns with them is the Democrats.

Without question, it’s the Garbage Party Left that would, if given enough power, use it to suppress any social, cultural, or political ideal they disagree with.

We’re already seeing this play out on college campuses, which are nearly all run by hard-Left Marxists.

One of our founding American principles, freedom of speech, is dying out at colleges and universities around the country.

At Harvard, Left-wing student “activists” — the modern version of the Nazi Party’s Brownshirts — are demanding the school paper apologize for getting a quote from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials…for a story about ICE.

A Romanian-born professor at Columbia University is resigning because he says the campus is becoming more Communist, like the regime he fled.

The University of Florida student president is facing impeachment for allowing Donald Trump Jr. to speak on campus.

And so on. But the Left’s attack on speech and ideals they don’t like, as well as their use of propaganda (which defines the Democrat “mainstream” media) isn’t just limited to college campuses.

Hard-core Marxists like Think Regress Progress founder Judd Legum want to bring this authoritarianism nationwide.

He took to Twitter Thursday to denounce Facebook, of all companies, for daring to sponsor a Federalist Society event featuring Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Why? Well, because Kavanaugh is a constitutionalist — something the Nazi Left hates — and because, you know, all of that “stronger” new evidence ‘out there’ proving he’s a sexual abuser and serial rapist.

Notice how the Left always talks about “justice” — while denying it to others, like Justice Kavanaugh, whose accusers lied so badly they were referred for criminal prosecution.

Oh, and Kavanaugh was cleared repeatedly by the Senate and the FBI of all allegations.

Also, let’s recall that the women who accused Justice Kavanaugh have either In any event, Legum’s behavior typifies the kind of authoritarianism practiced by the Nazis…and Communists…and Socialists … and American Democrats. What they can’t refute, they seek to ban. And when the truth smacks them across the face, they resort to lies and propaganda to push their authoritarian agenda.

This works for some Americans, and frankly that’s a too bad because there is nothing more unAmerican than punishing someone for an idea or slandering them because you disagree.

Leftist Nazi wannabes like Legum ought to be careful what they ask for. They just might get it someday.

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[…] Another Leftist ‘progressive,’ Judd Legum, proves (again) that Democrats are the new Nazi Party […]


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This Article NEEDS SHARING to warn the ignorant…OR the WILLINGLY ignorant!

Another Leftist ‘progressive,’ Judd Legum, proves (again) that Democrats are the new Nazi Party - Jon Dougherty - BREAKING ALL THE RULES

[…] Source: Another Leftist ‘progressive,’ Judd Legum, proves (again) that Democrats are the new Nazi Party […]


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