(TNS) Tons of Democrats jumped in to run for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination because they were convinced the country hated President Donald Trump and would be only too eager to choose any one of them over him next year.

But as more Americans have gotten a look at this gaggle of Marxists, socialists, Communists and criminals, it’s becoming more obvious that not a single Democrat candidate thus far has the juice to dethrone the Donald.

The Hill reported Wednesday:

Democrats aren’t sure they have the right candidate to beat President Trump in next year’s general election. 

The party has been obsessed with finding the most electable candidate throughout the year, but less than 100 days before the Iowa caucuses, donors and grassroots voters still aren’t sure their field includes the right person. 

The anxiety has given a reason for new candidates to throw their names into the race. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering a run and on Tuesday filed the paperwork to get his name on the ballot for Arkansas’s primary.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is also reconsidering his plans, and the uncertainty is spurring new questions about whether 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could make a comeback.

“There are still a lot of people out there who believe there isn’t one standout candidate,” said one Democratic strategist who remains undecided because of the lack of appeal among the candidates. “It’s a diverse field but that doesn’t mean it’s a strong field.”

When you can’t even get a Democrat to settle on one candidate in a field of Democrats, we’d say the Garbage Party has a problem heading into next year.

This realization among party strategists and leaders is even more significant because the country is so politically polarized.

If Democrats really were ‘the majority’ and Americans really were clamoring for their Communist-lite agenda, they could nominate a block of cheese and it would beat Trump next year, right?

But obviously the party strategists are reading the tea leaves and are figuring out that most Americans don’t want to turn our country into a giant Venezuela.

Besides, most Americans like having record low unemployment, opportunities galore, a fat (and growing) 401(k) retirement plan, rising wages, relative peace around the world, and a more secure border.

It’s why the president’s campaign rallies still draw massive crowds and it’s why not a single Democrat candidate inspires and energizes like Trump does.

And let’s face it: Who really wants to see Hillary Clinton run again?

We are also willing to wager that most Americans see this impeachment business for what it is — a scam — and that, too, is having a negative impact on Democrat favorability ratings.

But impeachment is all the Democrats have. And even that isn’t going to work.

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