(TNS) Did you hear that Republicans made good gains in the New Jersey legislature in early voting? Of course you didn’t, because the Garbage Party’s propaganda media wouldn’t ever cover a story like this.

But it’s true, nevertheless, and thank goodness for real news outlets like One American News.

The network reported this week that Republicans managed to pick up three seats in the state legislature they weren’t expected to win — two in the Assembly and one in the state senate — because voters in this blue enclave are tiring of Democratic tax policies, freebies for illegal aliens, and insults to the Second Amendment.

“The [Democratic] governor’s policies are literally tearing New Jersey families apart,” said Doug Steinhardt, chairman of the New Jersey GOP.

“New Jersey leads the nation in a laundry list of ‘worsts.’ We’ve got the highest property taxes, the highest income tax, the worst tax climate, highest foreclosure rate, lowest mainland gross domestic product,” he added.


[videopress IiYCCm0H]

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