By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) The Washington Post will always be the one of the ‘papers of record’ for Americans stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome, but that doesn’t make it a credible media source.

They will ignore the fact that the Post got the “Russian collusion” story 100 percent wrong, along with just about everything else involving the Trump administration. They will forgive the paper for fudging the ‘facts’ when it comes to this “Ukrainegate” non-scandal.

And they cheer every time the Post advances the “Trump impeachment” narrative.

But again, none of this makes the paper credible to fair-minded people. The Post further hurts its own credibility with editorials like, “Can American democracy survive a second Trump term?”

This piece is unquestionably hysterical, purposely misleading, and monumentally stupid. Not only that but of course the Post completely ignores the fact that Trump’s predecessor, the god king Barack Obama, was the biggest threat to American democracy since … ever.

To wit:

— Let’s never forget that Obama is the ultimate mastermind of “Spygate.” Obama became the first sitting president in U.S. history to sign off on, approve of, and guide an effort to depose a successor. In any normal time that is straight-up sedition, but to the Post, Trump is the ‘threat’ to democracy.

— Remember when Obama said he, as president, didn’t have the authority to do an executive amnesty for illegal aliens? We do. He said it quite a few times, actually. And then he did it anyway, defying Congress and destroying the rule of law. Talk about your impeachable offenses. But hey, to the Post, Trump’s the big threat.

— We also remember that it was Obama and his administration who spied on the Fourth Estate and utilized the Espionage Act multiple times — the most in history, in fact — to go after working journalists. So much for the First Amendment’s press protections, eh, Washington Post. But Trump is a ‘threat to democracy.’

— Knowing the federal bureaucracy is replete with Left-wing authoritarians, Obama weaponized it to go after Republicans and conservatives. Remember when the IRS was targeting conservative groups by withholding their tax-exempt status ahead of the 2012 election so they couldn’t engage in political activities? We do. No problem though, because…Trump…threat…democracy…

— Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of Congress. Why? Because he refused to hand over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal. Why? Because a federal agent, Brian Terry, was killed with one of the guns Obama’s DoJ and ATF trafficked into Mexico. Not an issue for the Post however. Trump is the threat.

— And of course, we can’t forget the fact that it was Obama and his FBI who covered for Hillary Clinton’s very criminal abuses of classified emails, her very illegal private email server, and her very illegal destruction of evidence related to all of this that had been subpoenaed by Congress. Yet, Trump is the biggest ‘threat to our democracy’ if he wins a second term.

Notice that in addition to conveniently forgetting about all the times Obama ran roughshod over the Constitution and the rule of law, the Post can’t name a single right that Trump has taken away from a single American citizen.

Not one.

The Post has strenuous disagreements with the president over policy. The paper’s editors and reporters also can’t stand the fact that he beat the pantsuit off of Hillary Clinton. And they hate that he’s so conservative. And successful.

But a ‘threat to democracy?’ Only a hysterical Leftist believes that, especially in light of all the times Barack Obama really did threaten our form of government.

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