(TNS) As the Garbage Party gains more power in the Age of Donald Trump, they are becoming more brazenly and openly Marxist.

This is especially true in deep blue states but also in states that recently graduated to blue from purple — like Virginia.

Thanks to an influx of immigrants over the past 20 years and the spread of Leftism into Northern Virginia from Washington, D.C., the state is now solidly in control of Democrats who want to punish conservatives and Trump supporters in any way possible.

That includes taking away our guns.

The New York Times loves Left-wing Democratic hypocrisy, so following the Democratic takeover of Virginia last week, the paper did a glowing story on Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam, who has gone from “pariah to powerhouse.” The “pariah” part, you recall, relates to his blatant racism: Doning blackface in picture posted to his college med school yearbook page standing next to some fool in a KKK outfit.

You remember:

Once upon a time the New York Times and the rest of the Marxist media hated racists and racism, but alas, not when they have a “D” after their names and certainly not when that “D” is adopting one of their pet policies, like gun control.

Then, no amount of Democratic racism or media hypocrisy matters:

Nine months after a racist picture in his medical school yearbook sparked widespread demands he resign, Mr. Northam will govern with Democrats controlling both houses of the legislature.

So, that’s cool as far as the Times is concerned.

Now for the gun confiscation part:

Now, after Democrats won control of the Legislature on Tuesday,Mr. Northam is positioned to be one of the most consequential Democratic governors in America in 2020, aiming to enact strong gun restrictions and L.G.B.T.Q. protections and clear the way to take down Confederate statues — all potential headline-making changes that could galvanize the party base nationally in the presidential race. …

And the money quote:

Mr. Northam said the eight bills he introduced in the aborted session would be the first ones out of the gate when the new General Assembly majorities meet in January. They include universal background checks, a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, limiting handgun purchases to one a month and a so-called red flag law to let a court remove weapons from people who pose a threat. He has not ruled out confiscating assault weapons from gun owners.

So there we have it: Democrats win control and immediately they and their voters want to destroy history, culture and constitutional rights. In a state where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson called home.

What’s more, Democrat voters are eager and willing to forgive a blatant racist from their own party so he can do their bidding.

There are fewer better examples of why we refer to Democrats as the Garbage Party. Between their leaders, their media, and their voters, they embody everything our founding fathers fought against.

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