By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) We’ve said it before: We think Donald Trump is the most honest president since George Washington and certainly the most prone to keeping his campaign promises in a century.

But that quality is what has him in so much trouble right now with most of Washington, D.C. and especially the Deep State swamp rats.

As this president has proven time and time again, he keeps his campaign promises. Those he has been unable to keep thus far are simply beyond of his control.

Take his pledge to build a “big, beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump has had to fight tooth and nail — with Democrats and Republicans — to get enough funding to start construction, let alone finish it. He even had to go to extraordinary lengths — the declaration of a national emergency — just to secure a few billion in unspent Pentagon funds to begin new construction.

Then his administration had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to defend his lawful, constitutional authority to declare an emergency.

But he did it because he said he would do it.

He also pledged to “drain the swamp,” if you recall. He hardly made a campaign speech in 2016 when he didn’t mention his intent to “drain the swamp.”

‘The swamp,’ by the way, is just another phrase for “deep state.” We’ve known that a ‘deep state’ has existed for decades, but Trump’s stubborn effort to keep his promises has done us the pleasure of exposing these self-entitled so-and-so’s.

And now they’re coming after him big time. That’s really what this impeachment business is all about.

When you break down this “Ukraine” thing, all it really amounts to is that deep state bureaucrats in the intelligence community and diplomatic corps don’t like the president’s foreign policy style. They hate how he conducts foreign policy and intelligence operations — keeping them increasingly close to his vest because of leaks — and they really resent the fact that he thinks he’s in charge.

Jay Latimer is an international businessman, writer and investor who has worked in investment banking for several multinational banks in New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing. In a column Tuesday for American Thinker, he lays all of this out.

He notes that he attended a swanky party recently in one of the wealthiest deep blue ZIP codes in the country (most all wealthy ZIP codes are deep blue, by the way, belying the Garbage Party’s pretend anger at “the rich”).

He says he struck up a conversation with a woman at the party who recently left government service and, specifically, the employ of the intelligence community.

Latimer says he asked what she thought about the Trump impeachment/Ukraine business, to which she excitedly responded, “It’s worse than you think; it’s worse than anyone knows!”


Intrigued, Latimer pressed on, albeit gingerly because as the lone conservative in such gatherings, that’s just what you do.

He writes:

I soon learned she was upset with Trump for supposedly talking to Ukraine about Joe Biden.  I asked, quite innocently, wouldn’t you expect him to look into it? After all, Trump is the head of the law enforcement community, and Biden’s son was getting over $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company for a position that he was clearly unqualified to hold.  Wasn’t that suspicious?

She airily waived off my concerns. “Oh, everyone in Washington does that kind of thing.”

Okay, well, that was a pretty frank confirmation of what most thinking Americans already knew. Doesn’t make it right though, does it, this swamp thing?

Latimer continued:

What particularly galled her was that Trump had changed the procedures, placing his calls to other heads of state under high classification status, so they could not be seen by others in government. She considered this an outrageous breach of protocol. How could Trump do such a thing?

I pointed out that he had a good reason; Trump was the victim of two major leaks in his first month, where the full texts of his calls were given to the press. Wasn’t that also outrageous and unprecedented?  And given the strong possibility of further leaks, wouldn’t classifying his calls be the prudent thing to do?

At this point, her eyes flashed in anger. “He can’t just change things like that! He’s not a king!”

Now you also know where this allegation that Trump is an “authoritarian” is coming from; it’s a swamp moniker. It’s not that Trump is an authoritarian, it’s that he refuses to concede that he’s not in charge of the Executive Branch — all of it — because after all, he was elected to lead the country.

None of these swamp creatures were. In fact, none of them have ever stood for an election. Of any kind.

But listen to her arrogance; he can’t just ‘change things!’ Only he can if that’s what he wants to do because he is the president.

Let’s recall that the reason why Trump has placed his sensitive conversations under tighter security is precisely because the deep state swamp members who hate him have been leaking them like a sieve. Keep in mind this entire Ukraine business came about because someone leaked information regarding his phone call with the Ukrainian president (or fabrications of the call).

A president cannot simply conduct foreign policy in the open like that. Conservations with foreign leaders involve highly sensitive information and must be protected so that frank dialogue can be used. After all, as president his job is to protect America and Americans first, foremost, and always.

But Trump was never a swamp rat. Trump’s an outsider. Trump thinks he can do things his own way.

The swamp begs to differ. They think they are entitled to ‘run things’ simply by virtue of having been hired to perform a function within government.

So Trump (and by default, his voters) must be punished for daring to think an election victory was a mandate to lead the country.


To them, the unelected bureaucrats are the real stewards of the government, not some outsider who just happened to win a presidential election. How dare Trump parachute in and disrupt the status quo? Never mind that he ran specifically on a platform to “Drain the Swamp” and make government more accountable. To her, Trump was just a gauche usurper, an outsider who had no business making changes to the almighty bureaucratic monolith.

Understanding the entire effort to undermine President Trump before the 2016 election and depose him afterward is no more complicated than knowing there is a swamp and it exists to protect itself and its turf from ‘usurper’ presidents who don’t get the hint that they’re not really in charge.

Put another way, Trump is being targeted because he is trying to keep his promises to all of us.

If anyone ever doubted that a) Donald Trump, gruff and tumble, really does love his country; and b) that he is the most feared president in the modern era, this should clear those doubts.

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