By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Because the so-called “mainstream media” is in the tank for the Garbage Party this didn’t get much coverage, but on Friday President Trump hit another home run for black Americans in a way that the first black president, Barack Obama, never delivered.

In Atlanta to launch a new black outreach effort, “Black Voices for Trump,” the president doubled down on previous pledges to help lift up African-American communities that have long been ignored by Democratic regimes (including, and especially, Obama).

In an address, the president promised to forego goofy, expensive, nonsensical “green project” development for other countries — a Democrat objective — to help black American communities instead.

“Democrats want to invest in green global projects,” the president said. “I want to invest in Black American communities.”

Cue applause. That was, again, the perfect way to contrast his plan with Democrats’ plans.

Now look. Presidents pander, they may promises, they try to engage key communities and demographics. We get it.

But this president has kept one promise after another; in fact, he’s by far the most honest president we’ve had in generations. And certainly more honest than his seditious predecessor.

Also, Trump can look black Americans in the eye and tell them, truthfully, that he has made their lives better.

Trump’s economic policies have revitalized our country. Wages are up along with opportunities galore while unemployment is at record lows and that includes all American demographics…especially black Americans.

The black unemployment rate is the lowest its been since the 1960s. And Donald Trump (and Republicans, when they had control of Congress — think tax cuts) did that; not Barack Obama, whose economic policies devastated the black community.

More and more Americans are discovering that when Donald Trump makes a promise, he does his best to keep it, and the only time he fails to do so is when he has to rely on others — like Democrats in Congress (and too many RINOs) — for help.

If this president says he wants to invest in black communities, you can bet he means it. He’s already delivered for minorities in a way his predecessors have not.

Trump asked blacks in 2016, “What have you got to lose” in supporting him instead of Hillary Clinton and, by default, the Garbage Party in general?

We have an answer: Not a thing. And everything to gain.

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