(TNS) The last thing the Democrat-aligned deep state wanted was to see Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States.

Not only do these elitists believe Trump is unworthy of the presidency because he’s not ‘one of them,’ we believe they were truly concerned that he would keep his campaign promises to ‘drain the swamp,’ end the endless wars that feed the military-industrial complex, and ditch the disastrous trade ‘deals’ that have transferred jobs and wealth out of America for decades.

In fact, the deep state elitists were so concerned they hatched “Spygate” as a hedge: Should Trump win actually defeat Hillary Clinton then try to keep his promises, they would depose him using a series of false narratives, fake allegations, and phony charges.

That’s what “Russian collusion” was about. It’s what the Mueller investigation was about. It’s what this “Ukrainian quid pro quo” allegation is about.

The only ace in the hole that President Trump possesses is the truth: He’s not guilty of anything.

He’s no ‘Russian stooge.’ His firing of FBI Director James Comey was appropriate and necessary. He never threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine. He’s been the most honest president we’ve had since George Washington, and that is what truly scares the deep state.

Worse for them, Trump has not only beaten the elitists at every turn, he has managed to build a close team of public servants who, like him, want to see justice done.

His team understands, as he does, that America cannot and will not survive as a viable republic if we allow unelected, self-entitled men and women to ‘run things’ behind the scenes — to carry out their own foreign and domestic policy objectives in conflict with the person Americans elected to lead our country.

Enter Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Their investigation of the origins of “Spygate” has turned into a criminal probe, which means they have obviously found evidence that crimes were committed.

The commission of crimes is usually followed by indictments, trials, and, often, convictions.

Deep state elitists, historically, have not been indicted and held to account for seditious activities such as undermining a duly elected president and attempting to remove him from office like they do in third-world banana dictatorships.

We continue to believe that process will finally play out: This president will be remembered, first and foremost, as the one who took on the deep state…and won.

Two things happened this week to suggest that indictments are growing nearer.

On Thursday President Trump’s online communication director Dan Scavino posted this ominous tweet – “TICK TOCK.”

And on Friday, the president himself noted during a press conference: “I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done it but me.”

Well, no one else wanted to do it, Mr. President. But we hear you.

What happens next is still up in the air, of course, but based on the panic of the deep state, we’d say President Trump is on course to finally mete out some justice — not just for himself, but for a country that has to have it if we’re to survive.

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