(TNS) House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff has agreed to move his secret squirrel impeachment inquiry into the public realm, God bless him, but he still wants to stack the deck in the Garbage Party’s favor.

Schiff will ‘allow’ Republicans to ask questions of the witnesses who are called to testify, but only if they are ‘acceptable’ to him and ‘relevant.’

Not even kidding.

In other words, Schiff and his Democrats aren’t going to let this thing get ‘out of hand,’ compliments of those awful Republicans.

Interesting to note that the name “Biden” doesn’t appear in Schiff’s list of ‘approved’ questions. Neither the does name “Obama,” on whose behalf Joe Biden was working when he threatened the Ukrainian government in 2015.

This is just part of the Ukrainian Schiff Sham. Republicans would do well to ignore this fool and ask whatever questions they deem appropriate.

Let Schiff shut them down on live TV. That’ll play well with the Garbage Party’s base, of course — “Look what a brave man he is!” — but fair-minded Americans who are on the fence about this ‘Ukraine’ hoax will see Schiff’s actions as a blatant attempt to ‘Stalinize’ the hearings and keep the public from learning certain details.

As far as that strategy goes, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) noted that the Garbage Party can’t even get their treachery straight.

This would all be popcorn-worthy if the basis for this absurdity wasn’t so serious: An actual attempt to depose a duly elected president that continues to play out before our eyes.

We could sure use some Barr-Durham indictments soon.

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