(TNS) Because the Garbage Party has become obsessed with deposing a very duly elected President Donald Trump, every waking moment is dedicated to that task.

Legislation to fund rebuilding our infrastructure? Nah.

Defense bill so our military is fully funded and kept up-to-date so they can defend our country? Nope.

Fixing the healthcare disaster that is Obamacare? Uh-uh.

How about border security? Don’t make us laugh.

It’s ‘get Trump 24/7/365, no matter what. Let the bridges fall, let our military be defeated, let the border be wide open.

So naturally, that partisan hack Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has his role to play.

The ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee is holding up the release of a report that was due out in September which would fully exonerate President Trump over this “Russian collusion” hoax.

Ace investigative reporter Paul Sperry has the scoop.

“BREAKING: Democrat Sen. Mark Warner, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is holding up release of findings of panel’s investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia “collusion.” Report, which had been due for release in Sept, is said to fully exonerate Trump, advisers,” he tweeted.

But wait. Warner is a Democrat. He’s the ‘ranking member’ of the Committee, which is Congress-speak for the top minority member of the committee.

Republicans control the Senate. And Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Where is he?

Where are the rest of the Republicans on the panel? Why is Warner, the tail, wagging the dog?

All good questions, to which we — as of yet — don’t have answers.

But honestly, it’s not as though we even need this report to “exonerate” the president and his staffers.

There is nothing to ‘exonerate.’ The Russian collusion allegation was a fabrication from the outset. It’s a hoax. It was Chapter One in the “Spygate Coup Operation” to get rid of our duly elected president.

Heck, even Robert Mueller has said there was no ‘collusion.’

Still…it’d be nice if, for once, Republicans in the Senate would behave like they have constituents too.

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